Sr. Dr. Thekla School of Nursing is a modern, premier school of nursing that is committed to provide the best quality holistic Nursing and Midwifery educational system that suite a Nursing and Midwifery profession. The School adopted several international best practices in its core functions which enable its staff to win Award. Thus stamping its authority as a centre of excellence. The School is owned by Bishop, the Catholic Diocese of Lindi.



  • NyangaoNursing

    I am glad to get skills and knowledge of nursing in this college of Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing.Now i am happy to be good nurse and midwife, in delivering health services anywhere in the world. conducive environment and best guardian care from the lovely Tutors, has made me to be understandable and discipline one in all my life. I learnt a lot good deeds beside from education especially in living with different people with love and peace. I appreciate the guardian care with helps me in learning and understanding about nursing

    Bosco Salumu
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    Thanks Almighty God, for leading me here at Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing, Where my dream of being a competent professional Nurse and Midwife now become true. Also Thanks to all beloved teachers for teaching us well and providing a conducive environment for us to study and help our school to be provided an award of being a full accredited school of Nursing. Welcome to our school, follow your dream.

    Aman Chingumbe
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    It is my pleasure to invite you at this college that has made the students to reach their goals in addition with different skills of living in the world of science. its environment , teaching mode and living policy makes us as students to feel blessed and their fruits be seen when we are outside of the campus. Education impacts societies worldwide for the better, be the change you want to see in your community by joining Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing.

    Castor Behewa
  • NyangaoNursing

    I feel happy at Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing because is an excellent college with good environment that allow the student to study well, so you all welcome to get good education at Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing

    Ramadhani Makotha
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    I am so excited to be a student nurse at this college, because the college mold me to be a good nurse and midwife according to the ethics of our Profession also i got ability to work with the fear of God and trust God's help.

    Lidia Jansani
  • NyangaoNursing

    I feel blessed to study in this college as it has made my dream become true. It has qualified tutors with a well conducive environment that motivate students to study and fulfill their ambitions without regretting. The policy and motto of the college has made we students form Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing get opportunities in easy way and be seen as a role models out of the campus. It is my pleasure to welcome you all at the college, I promise you will not regret if you join. You know what, Opportunities are like sunrise, If you wait too long you miss them.

    Mercy Pius
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    It is in this School of Nursing where i have learned to thanks and follow God's guides in any activity, as a result of school rule that advice a student to attend daily morning Mass and Sunday services.

    Carolina Magurusa
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    Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing has supportive and smart environment which make student relax and also facilitate their learning process. This brings about good and best performance in the academic issues. Also no any interruption that interferes with the learning process because the college is not close to the noisy environment this enables the students to be mentally and physically stable aiming at studying and applying the skills. Welcome prospective student to Sr. Dr. Thekla School of Nursing.

    Nahwi Simyemba
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    Our Nursing School has good environment that are attractive to everyone it has good buildings that are well arranged in a proper order, it has a beautiful and conducive classes for studying, all in all my nursing school is the ideal one in Lindi region, i am so proud of it.

    Jenifa Martin
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    Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing, is the better and accredited school with best teachers having the skills in training future nurses and midwives. The school infrastructure and environments are so attractive and friendly for a student to study and learning. It is gladly in my heart as a student of this school cheerfully and humble, i warmly welcome every prospective student for the better education

    Nestor Millanzi
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    As a member of Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing i am proud of my school environment which is very attractive and full of green. The school is surrounded with flowers of various types and trees which are evergreen. The buildings are well built at a very good site and conducive environment they are attractive and enough for all roles played here. The location of the school is good and far from obstruction like noise, theft and accidents, this is also because of good security hence it is conducive for studying and learning.

    Wanjiku Furahini
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    Sr. Dr. Thekla is a college based on spiritual inspiration as it is sponsored by catholic church, It is of great encouragement to the student since it build the student morally, spiritually and good conduct whereby bad behavior are changed and the students are brought up at good foundation that is good to the school, community and the nation as well, hence they have been sharpened to the future leaders with all the skills as well as God fearing.

    Glory Estomih
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    I am so happy to get knowledge and skills of nursing and midwifery in Sr. Dr. Thekla Nyangao School of Nursing as it has conducive environment for learning and studying. The environment encourages students to have the best skills in practicals and studies. We learn a lot with addition with discipline by living with peace and harmony and also helping those in need. Actually academic goes with discipline thus when you join will not regret as you will be seen as role model in your community. You are all welcome to join the campus.

    Grace Massawe
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    I am proud of studying this college due to: 1. Good and friendly studying area; 2. The college it has full registration and accreditation; 3. It provide food and hostel for all students; As you are a prospective student, I warmly welcome to our college , welcome to join this college.

    Ishmael Paul